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Paul Reiser's new show sparks backlash

Paul Reiser (Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)   

 The actor was popular on "Mad About You," but fans aren't happy about his return to TV.

Bye-Bye, 'Perfect Couples,' Hello 'Paul Reiser Show'

Like it or not, Paul Reiser has a new show
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The NBC sitcom "Perfect Couples" was not quite perfect enough for the network: The show is being replaced with "The Paul Reiser Show," bringing a storm of criticism to the Web.
"Couples" followed the relationships of three pairs of friends, and starred comic Olivia Munn, but did not make it to the end of the season. While the show disappointed in the ratings, it still managed to develop a following, and hundreds of fans bemoaned the abrupt ending on Yahoo!.
A commenter named Sean pleaded, "Keep 'Perfect Couples' on." Billie added, "I just started watching 'Perfect Couples,' it is one of the best new shows. Give it a chance."

Watch a clip from last week's season finale of "Perfect Couples":

Meanwhile, disappointed viewers aimed their venom at Paul Reiser. As a commenter called TwoTireFire summed it up, "I was a huge fan of 'Mad About You' but it came and it went. Why does a middle age man want to come back and try his luck with another cast?"
Why indeed? Zap2It called the series one of the forgotten shows of the network's 2010-2011 season. Reiser, who co-wrote all six episodes, plays a version of himself: an actor, husband, and father who once had a TV show. "Show" follows his troubles and adventures.
The storyline sounds awfully similar to the real-life Paul Reiser. His hit sitcom from the '90s, "Mad About You," starred the actor and Helen Hunt as a newly married couple navigating their lives together in New York City. The critics didn't fall for it -- Entertainment Weekly called the premiere "Ambivalent About You" -- but the show caught on with viewers, and ran from 1992-1999. The comedy peaked in popularity when 39 million fans tuned in to the 1997 episode on the birth of their daughter, Mabel.
Clearly, the star hopes to strike comedy gold again.
Get a sneak peek at "The Paul Reiser Show" (with guest star Larry David) right here:

"The Paul Reiser Show" premieres Thursday, 4/14 at 8:30pm ET on NBC.



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